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Maternity Photography


Common Questions

When's the best time to shoot a maternity session?

Generally, between 32-36 weeks is best but every momma is different. Once you see that rockin baby bump appear, you’re ready so it’s best to schedule your shoot between the 32-36 weeks period while knowing we can always adjust the date depending on how your baby grows.

How long do maternity sessions last?

Maternity sessions take about 1-1.5 hours in total. This includes the time to choose wardrobe, and change outfits.

What about hair and make-up? 

Investing in hair and makeup is suggested but not mandatory!

 Do you offer any packages or discounts?

Yes! I offer Maternity + Newborn Package. You save $100 if you choose this package. 

Do I need to bring any props to my Maternity Photography Session?

Suggestions of things you could to bring would be ultrasound photos, baby’s first booties, flowers, balloons, and hair accessories. It is also nice to incorporate other keepsakes that have meaningful value.

Where do you shoot your sessions?

Maternity sessions take place in one of three locations: studio, park, beach. We can discuss what works best for you!

What should I wear? Do you offer a client wardrobe?

Yes! I have few dresses, that are handpicked and work beautifully for your maternity session! You may also wear a dress you purchase or rent yourself, but please note that I will provide suggestions of color and style as the clothing you choose to wear for your session will make a difference in the final product! 

Depending on the gown’s quality and intricate detail work, there may be rental and/or dry-cleaning fees.

Depending on the gowns you have selected for your maternity session, the following are some suggested items to bring:

• Nude convertible bra - Another option is Nude Stick Bras

• Nude underwear - a thong is ideal or a spandex type panty that does not show lines

• Spandex shorts - Spanx or similar shorts are also ok provided they are nude

• Undergarments that match the style of clothing you prefer - such as lace black panties for black gowns that open, or boy shorts.​

• Denim Jacket, Plain White Full sleeve shirt, Blue Jeans, Pant Suits, Sports Bra if you want to create some extra magic.​

• High heeled shoes (for long gowns)

• On location please bring some closed toe shoes.

What do men wear during maternity shoot?

Men should bring jeans or khaki pants or any other dark pants. I encourage soft (not starched), plain white shirts/  Dark Blue/ Gray Cotton and linen are both great choices. A black jacket or a suit would be a great choice if you'd like to go classic! Throw a regular, WHITE and/or BLACK crew-neck t-shirt in the bag, too.

When's the best time to shoot a maternity session?

Outdoor sessions are always photographed in the hour before sunset or beginning at sunrise, year round. We'll discuss which option is best for you! 

Can I suggest ideas?

Yes of course! This is your maternity session. I will guide you and suggest ideas about posing, looks, locations and props but you are more then welcome to send me anything that inspires you. I encourage you to create a pinterest board that you can share with me. Visual ideas are so much easier to understand and discuss. Please keep in mind though that it is only inspiration and the images we create are unique and will not look the same as another photographers work. 

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